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About Us

Our Story

Foundation Academy Montessori was founded in the year 2020 by Kevin and Kelli Brock, with the purpose of providing families with a high-quality alternative to traditional education that would set a firm foundation of biblical truth and an enriching learning environment for students to grow.

Kelli has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and is highly qualified in 5th-8th grade. She also has training in the Montessori teaching methods for all ages and has gone to Bible school and has served as a leader over children’s ministries for over 30 years. Her heart’s desire is to provide an education that is safe and enriching and one that teaches the whole child: physically, emotionally, practically, spiritually, and academically.

Behind the scenes, God was preparing another person to help establish the school. The office admin, Lisa Michelli, also an engineer, not only served alongside Kelli in children’s ministry, but also went for Montessori training for the upper grades in Houston and together they began the groundwork for the school.

Kelli began to study the Montessori method in the year 2000. She was astounded by how different the Montessori approach was to traditional education. Through an observational window, what amazed her most was the composure of the classroom, the respect the children received, the level of concentration and purpose and the uniquely beautiful educational materials that children were using. Children approached the shelves, chose an activity, and found a space where they wanted to work. She observed the children problem-solving, working independently, and learning through hands-on experience by using beautiful educational materials. There was a distinct sense of joy and harmony inside the classroom. Students were able to move about the classroom and have many outdoor experiences. She knew, without a doubt, that Montessori was a method and philosophy of teaching that would benefit her family and her community.

In the year 2020, many families within the community reached out to Kelli with a need for educating their child. After extensive prayer, Kelli and Kevin opened their home to eight teenage students that were in need of a new learning environment and therefore Foundation Academy Montessori was established.

In 2021, the demand for purposeful education in the community was growing and upon seeing a need, they built a building that would house a high school of 17 students. In 2022, a children’s house was established for 3–6-year-olds and the number of students grew to 23. This year they have enrolled 70 students and have a waiting list.

God established a vision and desire to open this school so that families could  be at peace knowing their children would be taught the right things and that they would be given a biblical foundation and many beautiful opportunities to learn naturally, just as God intended. Every child is brilliant, and every child has talents and a purpose. It’s up to parents and educators to nurture growth, uncover gifts and talents, and give opportunities for them to learn and thrive in this world.

When starting this school, funding and teachers were not in place. They had to step out in faith and through their obedience, God has provided teachers and the resources necessary to move forward.

Kevin and Kelli’s children and spouses are a big part of the teaching and other administrative aspects of FAM. Their thirteen grandchildren inspire them every day to provide an education that teaches children foundational concepts paired with practical life learning. Cultivating students strengths and gifts to equip them to be future leaders that understand who they are and what their purpose is will produce secure individuals that are ready to enter the community and world to make it a better place.

A Note From the Principal

Hope For a Brighter Future


Our young people are living in a world that offers them opportunities to become whatever they desire. This is a very exciting part of their life. Foundation Academy Montessori will strive to uncover every student’s God-given talent and gifting to equip them for the future.  Our program is designed to develop each student (Pre-K to High School) to be independent, secure, cultured, a problem-solver, and a peacemaker. As adolescents develop an understanding of their worth through the perspective of the gospel, they then can begin to live life with others in mind. 


The very fabric and foundation of faith in our nation is unraveling. The liberties and freedoms that our founding fathers fought so hard to protect are becoming frayed. Those who hold the truth of the gospel close to their hearts can find comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father is ever-present and willing to comfort and heal the broken and downtrodden. 


It is viable that we raise the next generation to understand and protect the liberties we have through our constitution and to stand for biblical values. Knowing Christ, walking and loving as He did, respecting others, and seeing everyone as valued, will change the way we love and treat one another, therefore, restoring our nation one family at a time. 


Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. (James 1:4-5)


Kelli Brock 

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