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High School Montessori Program 

Our Montessori High School program integrates rigorous academics with purposeful work, preparing students to become self-confident contributors to society. The program caters to the unique developmental needs of the adolescent. We provide an environment with positive mentors that help to provide a safe place for students to grow through one of the most difficult times of life. Our program encompasses physical and neurological growth, emotional health, and an opportunity to develop peer relationships that will last a lifetime.

Learning in Mighty Oaks

At FAM's high school, we provide unique opportunities like internships that offer authentic, real-world work to drive students' development and prepare them for adulthood. Our curriculum supports diverse interests, helping students identify passions and actively preparing them for tech and university life and life beyond school. Through robust understanding of the importance of building skill sets and interdisciplinary study focused on peace and sustainability, our high school years nurture curiosity, develop expertise, and include advanced courses in language arts, mathematics, sciences, and social studies. Additionally, we foster a classroom community where students participate in governance and gain leadership experiences, engage in nature experiences promoting environmental respect, and have opportunities to develop and run businesses, fostering an understanding of currency and micro-economics.

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Mighty Oaks Curriculum 

English Language
& Literature 

The English language and literature curriculum is designed to cultivate strong language skills and a deep appreciation for literature. Through a blend of classic and contemporary texts, students engage in critical analysis, creative writing, and thoughtful discussions, fostering their ability to express ideas effectively and understand the power of storytelling.


The Math curriculum provides a comprehensive and engaging approach to mathematical concepts and skills. Students explore topics such as algebra, geometry, finance, and statistics, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of mathematical principles applicable to real-world situations.

Natural Science

The Natural Science curriculum immerses students in the wonders of the natural world. Through hands-on experiments, observation, and analysis, students explore topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science, fostering a deep understanding of scientific principles and cultivating a curiosity-driven approach to inquiry and discovery.


Second Language curriculum introduces students to foreign languages like Latin. Through immersive and interactive experiences, students develop linguistic proficiency, cultural understanding, and an appreciation for the historical significance of the language, enriching their global perspective and fostering a lifelong love for language learning.


The History curriculum offers a rich exploration of human civilization and its impact on the world. Students delve into Biblical Studies, Civics, American History, World History and the interconnectedness of societies, developing a deep understanding of the past and its relevance to the present and future.

The Arts

The Arts curriculum encourages students at FAM to explore their creativity and self-expression through various artistic mediums such as music, drama, production, as well as the study of artists and many diverse art forms. Through engaging activities and projects, students develop their artistic skills, appreciation for different art forms, and a deeper understanding of the creative process. 

Family & Consumer Science

In the FCS curriculum, students actively participate in hands-on experiences that teach them important life skills such as meal planning and cooking, nutrition, budgeting and interpersonal communication. These experiences not only prepare students for independent living but also foster a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and an appreciation for the value of everyday tasks.

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