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Montessori Middle Program

In the Montessori Middle Program we provide a nurturing environment specifically designed for adolescents. During the critical ages of 12 to 14, students engage in rigorous academics alongside purposeful work, equipping them with the necessary skills and self-confidence to become contributing members of society.

Learning in the Middle School House

The day starts with a student-led community meeting where students engage in discussions about their experiences, current events, and classroom needs. These meetings help them develop skills applicable to future leadership roles. The rest of the day focuses on individual and group work, allowing students to practice organization, time management, accountability, and teamwork while delving into core subjects. The day concludes with personal reflection time, fostering contemplation about experiences and personal growth.


Young Oaks Curriculum 


The Language curriculum covers critical reading, origins of language and grammar, the writing process, formal/academic writing, themes and characters, dialogue/playwriting/Shakespeare, fiction vs. non-fiction/historical fiction/memoirs, poetic forms, and reading for social change.


The math curriculum encompasses learning fractions, decimals, probability, negatives, simplifying expressions, solving equations, quadratics, geometry including area and volume, and analyzing data through graphic equations. These topics provide students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts and skills needed for problem-solving and mathematical reasoning.

Social World 

The Social World curriculum covers economics, government, geography, migration, revolutions, social justice, civility, peace, and cultural interactions. It fosters a broad understanding of societal structures, historical transformations, global perspectives, and the significance of promoting equality and harmony.

Natural World 

The Natural World curriculum covers biology (cells, genetics, ecosystems, classification, human body), physics (forces, energy), and chemistry (atoms, elements, molecules), offering a comprehensive understanding of the natural world.

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