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Empowering Christian Education Forum: Equipping the Next Generation

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a transformative Christian Education Forum that left us feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. The event was graced by insightful speakers who shared invaluable wisdom and knowledge. We are grateful to Kelli Brock, Mike Riddle, and Daniel Collins for their remarkable contributions during this event.

Day 1 -

Kelli Brock: Remaining Teachable

Kelli Brock kicked off the forum with an inspiring session on the importance of remaining teachable in all things. She reminded us that Jesus Christ is the foundation of everything we do, and our perspective plays a crucial role in shaping our beliefs. By remaining teachable, we open ourselves up to God's transformational power, and our responses will reflect Christ's character. This lesson was a powerful reminder that a humble and teachable heart is essential to grow in our relationship with God and impact the lives of those around us positively.

Mike Riddle: Contending for the Faith

In the second session, Mike Riddle shared valuable insights on contending for our faith in a world facing many challenges. He emphasized that we are all in a spiritual war and how we became part of this battle when we were born. Mike provided us with practical tools and an action plan to navigate the complexities of this generation and lead them into Truth. It was a call to be bold and stand firm in our faith, equipped to defend and share the Gospel effectively.

Kelli Brock: Understanding Child Development

The third session by Kelli Brock focused on child development, drawing from the pioneering work of neuroscience doctor Karyn Purvis. Kelli broke down the different stages of child development, highlighting the unique needs of each age group. She stressed the role caregivers play in fostering a healthy environment and how connection, contentment, and healthy correction can lead to a child's successful development. Kelli's insights brought hope and encouragement, reminding us that with the right approach, we can positively impact a child's brain chemistry and help them thrive.

Day 2 -

Kelli Brock - Connecting with the Child

Day two started with a continuation of Kelli Brock's teachings, focusing on the vital role of connection in a child's life. Building a strong foundation of connection with a child paves the way for cooperation and positive behavior. By nurturing healthy relationships, we create an environment that cultivates contentment and enables fruitful correction. The session left us with a renewed commitment to prioritize connection in our interactions with children.

Mike Riddle - Defending a Biblical Worldview

Mike Riddle returned with an enlightening session on developing and defending a biblical worldview. He emphasized the importance of holding fast to our beliefs and addressing common questions that challenge the biblical perspective. Armed with practical tools, we were equipped to engage with the youth and guide them toward a biblical worldview, particularly on matters of creation versus evolution.

Daniel Collins - As For My House

Daniel Collins provided an encouraging message centered around Joshua's declaration, "as for me and my house." He reminded us that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of all we do, and our homes must be built on this firm foundation to withstand life's storms. The call to build our lives on Christ's teachings resonated deeply, inspiring us to seek God's wisdom and strength as we disciple the next generation.

The Christian Education Forum was a profound experience that left a lasting impact on each participant. We are immensely grateful to Kelli Brock, Mike Riddle, and Daniel Collins for sharing their wisdom and insights with us. The forum empowered us to be effective disciples, equipped to make a difference in the lives of the young ones under our care. Armed with newfound knowledge, we are ready to face the challenges of this world, standing firm in our faith, and spreading the love and truth of Jesus Christ to the next generation. Together, we can build a future rooted in God's grace and guidance.

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